Vreme Razdelno

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Back in the days pride was equally important to a man as was his health. Unlike nowadays, in the past a single bad word could lead to feuds between generations of families with consequences as big as the murder of all the members of one party. This bloody act is also known as vendetta and it makes sense doesn't it, seeing as hardcore is well known for putting its listeners under a single big hood called “family”, preaching about things like respect, friendship and unity?

Well, Vendetta is also the name chosen by a five-piece hardcore/metal band coming from Sofia, Bulgaria. Having proven countless times why they are proud owners of many heavyweight hardcore titles at home, the band has spent more than a decade of hard parties and provided fellow mosh followers and fans with one of the toughest backgrounds on the Balkans. It took the guys seven years to come up with a follow up of the emblematic for all bulgarian hardcore fans "Amici Dei Inemici Mundi", but the time was used wisely and the result is at hand - "Vreme razdelno"(Parting time) was the band's second full length album released in mid 2011.

Representing worldwide with their own genuine mixture between hardcore and metal, Vendetta aim to top all previous efforts and claim their throne once again. In order to do that, the guys have simply created the perfect soundtrack for a mass murder or bloody vengeance. All the songs carry the spirit of hardcore – pumped up guitar riffs ideal for 2 step, stage diving and skank beats that simply push the fans towards the circle pit. On its metal side, the record offers death metal riffs decorated with breakdowns that vary from slow to moderate tempo. With the bear-like roars of Alexander Purvanov and the high-pitched screams of his colleague via mic Delyan Stefanov this effort pushes the boundaries of the typical stereotyped product in the genre to a new breed of mind-distorting, head-crushing sounds.

Addressing mainly, as mentioned above, the typical hardcore lyrical themes, the boys' cry out is also a clear statement towards social subjects. With some guest appearances from fellow musicians of other Bulgarian bands, the guys underline the message towards the common listener – "There is noone to stop up now!". As trivial as it is, the music makes up for it and in my opinion it's easier to enjoy even if you don't understand the lyrics to the songs.

Having played and travelled their home country through and through, Vendetta are one of those bands that probably will never reach the worldwide attention that they fought for over the years. Nevertheless selling out shows for friends and fans alike is a privilege that every established musician should be proud of. And they are doing just that.


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Release Date 01.05.2011
SCT Records

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