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I Hate My Friends EP

Written by: TL on 18/04/2012 14:27:55

Moving on from one punk rock band that didn't quite convince me with one of their earliest records, here's one that shows exactly how to get me stoked with their first - at least it's their first as far as I've been able to find out - EP "I Hate My Friends". The band is called Young English and they're a quartet from Orange County, New York and on this four track EP they seemingly take a queue from much-hyped recent emo-punk revivalists Daytrader, dishing out up-beat, driving punk rock with a melodic, emotive twist that fans of the turn of the millenium era scene have been missing for a long while.

So Daytrader is one likely comparison, and other names I can't stop thinking about while I'm spinning this EP on repeat would include the likes of The Early November and Saves The Day. The key part of that sentence is not the band names however, it is the fact that I have indeed been spinning this EP on repeat, and am still happily doing so, because Young English are frankly just that promising. As much is blatantly evident from the opening guitars of first song "Neighbors", a track that instantly provides the kind of punch that makes you want to jump around and get rowdy in a moshpit. And that's not the good news. The good news is that despite the song's instant recognisability, I actually think it's one of the weaker tracks on the EP.

You see the second track "Anchors" has the kind of beginning that should get a crowd clapping and taking breaths to sing along with no need for any encouragement from the band playing to them. Third cut "New England" has the kind of simple, instantly catchy hook that moves into your brain on first listen, and along with closer "I Knew You Once", phrases are provided that fans will potentially beg for opportunities to shout back at the band ten years and several more successful albums down the stretch, given the band keeps going for that long.

It really is a rather unconditional love fest in my mind when these tunes are on. Okay so there may not be time to display much diversity over a span of four short tracks. Okay, maybe the chord progression of "New England" reminds me a little of My Chemical Romance's "I'm Not Okay". It's not a problem when things are this short, sweet, instantly engaging and begging of being played over and over again with no relent. For an early EP, this is exactly what I'm talking about, so here's to keeping eyes and ears peeled for more, and for Young English hopefully expanding on their strengths even more on any potential full length albums.


Download: New England, I Knew You Once
For The Fans Of: Daytrader, The Early November, Saves The Day,

Release Date 06.12.2011
Panic Records

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