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Leaving Cemetery Junction

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None of the Far East cultures are known for their passionate displays of emotion. Instead, people from this region tend to default into reserved and quiet personality traits, and you certainly wouldn't associate the culture with explosive personalities. That's why it's all the more impressive to encounter a band like The Caulfield Cult, who originate from Singapore. Their debut album "Leaving Cemetery Junction" is an astonishing display of raw honesty and intensity of emotion that leaves the vast majority of their US counterparts far behind. It's the kind of punk rock record that makes all other genres sound a little fake and undeserving of attention, the sort of record that captures the rebellious nature of the genre and unleashes it in an explosion of passion and honesty.

It's certainly been a long while since I've heard a vocalist as passionate about his craft as the dude from The Caulfield Cult. He has one of those coarse, screamed out expressions that sounds like each and every line he sings could be his last, as if he's about to die underneath the weight of emotion that's pressing him down throughout the album. The intensity of emotion is immense and instantly grabbing; it's hard to ignore when you have a guy screaming his lungs out in howls that almost rival those of Kyle Durfey from Pianos Become The Teeth. They are rough, but yet have just enough desperate melody to carry through some unforgettable moments, just check out "White Pills", "Leaving Cemetery Junction", or "Everyone But Me" for some back-chilling displays of unadulterated passion and honesty.

When at the same time the band have been able to combine the 'wave' style melodies and No Idea-esque punk rock (think Hot Water Music, North Lincoln, Samiam, etc) instrumentally into a tormented and nostalgia-driven sound, we have an instant winner. "Leaving Cemetery Junction" is an incredible album from an unsigned band that no-one has ever heard of before. It showcases a band with enormous potential to create unbreakable bonds between their fans because of the quality and intensity of the songs. They are a steal for any record company looking for the next band ready to have their breakthrough, location withstanding.

Download: White Pills, Everyone But Me, Leaving Cemetery Junction
For the fans of: Samiam, North Lincoln, The Great St. Louis, Title Fight, Pentimento, Pianos Become The Teeth
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Release date 29.10.2011

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