The Electric Age

Written by: PP on 16/04/2012 05:39:20

When the discussion shifts towards thrash/heavy metal bands, few are as underrated and underappreciated as Overkill, who have released fifteen studio albums prior to their latest one, "The Electric Age". Despite receiving critical acclaim for the vast majority of their discography with only a few exceptions, they've never reached the status of bands like Slayer, Judas Priest, or arguably even Testament or Exodus when it comes to legend within the thrash/heavy metal genres.

"The Electric Age" is yet another reminder of why Overkill deserves to be mentioned on equal footing with the biggest names in the genre. It continues the frightening consistency with which the band delivers their heavy metal inspired thrash assault from the excellent "Ironbound" two years ago, once again supplying an album's worth of material designed for head banging and revealing the inner air guitarist in you, and once again making mockery of the (mostly Germanic) copycat heavy metal bands who are busy trying to create this exact album while sounding immensely generic. Not Overkill. Their expression is played with so much conviction and speed that it makes its sound difficult to deny. Especially because vocalist Bobby 'Blitz' Ellsworth does his best Rob Halford imitation for an album's worth of killer heavy metal tunes so effortlessly. "Electric Rattlesnake", "Wish You Were Dead" and "Drop The Hammer" in particular showcase his incredible pipes, and underline that vibrato-style vocals don't always need to sound boring and dated. They merely need to be delivered with as much skill and talent as he does throughout.

In summary, I'd call "The Electric Age" a great addition to the Overkill back catalogue. While they will never be able to top their legendary albums from the late 80s and early 90s, it shows that even in 2012, heavy metal and thrash metal can still sound relevant, fresh, and energetic, even if it hasn't changed in thirty years.


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Release date 27.03.2012
Nuclear Blast

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