Alpha Centauri

Alpha Centauri

Written by: AZ on 15/04/2012 23:52:16

Do you like to stare at the depths of a clear night sky? Do you start asking yourself questions about the origin of planets, galaxies or the universe? Maybe the light coming to us from a distance beyond our comprehension brings some special mood for you, just the way listening to a favorite track picks up your mental attention? Well you and I are obviously not the only ones that find an appeal for the cosmos.

The topic of this review is music, of course, so leaving cosmology behind I focus on the ear-binding innovative self-titled EP from Alpha Centauri. Beginning their path in the undiscovered territories of hard rock/metalcore in 2011, the american-based trio comes up with a release that is a genuine act of art. For those who wish to associate these guys to something you know – try on Architects for size. Just as violent and melodic with an augmented dose of epic moments through the usage of keys and other symphonic contrivance, Lucas Gordon(Lead Vocals), Ian Nelson(Rhythm Guitar/Vocals) and Josh Lung(Lead Guitar/Vocals) are aiming for the stars and nothing less!

Emotion is a keyword when describing the five tracks that comprise this debut EP. Total absence of fear is another way to relate closely to this product. In fact the charge that the listener is injected with is so strong that it a fury mixed emotions – fear, anger, pain, rage. Reaching the speed of light, staring forever at a black hole, watching at the death of star are pictures that the band draws before us using their best tool – imagination. Guitars and drums are continuously piercing through human perception while the a vocal line breaking through the vacuum of space strives to open the listeners mind to the theme of timelessness.

Breaking down the ears of its audience until total numbness, the record is a theatrical play. Imaginations carefully crafted underneath strong and skillful hands emerge out of thin air and dissolve into the night. Reflections of the shadows in space bode no good. “This is the end of the world” is something that the band is sure of, stating it in “Showtime”, and they have already made their decision take everyone on trip to eternity.

Stomping their way through asteroids and cosmic dust, seeking to find the answer to all unanswered questions, the travelers from Alpha Centauri do not hesitate for a second when it comes to creation and fruition of the thought.

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Release Date 28.02.2012

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