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Being a young band has it's pros and cons. It's good that there's no pressure from managers, labels, etc. that may ruin the normal evolution of the music and sound that the band undergoes in the beginning of its rise. The lack of experience is compensated by a will to become better, to explore new musical territories and generally to “prove something to the world”.

A very nice example is Valve. Having only two years of activity behind them, the band from Paris delivers a self-titled five-track demo that is a head first dive into the sludge metal genre. With heroes like Electric Wizard and Bongzilla, Valve sets foot on a turf of heavy, atmospheric and attention-binding music meant for a specific group of listeners.

Time, timelessness or simply a drift through places and events. These are just a couple of the themes that are presented to the audience of this short and yet mature release. Setting up a clear path for a preaching harsh-screamed sermon, the band lingers back and forth between a state of drunken emptiness of the mind and sweet gentle dreams. Crushing those who are unprepared with tasty riffs dipped in chorus/echo guitars, finished with a good dose of distortion, Valve expand their potential to the maximum. Going from little slick rock-ish riffs, to slow and heavy palm muted pieces where stage dives are the only logical thing to do, the record takes us on a roller coaster of emotions and perceptions. There are moments that you must get up and … go crazy. There are also moments when you want to break, stomp, dance, jump. The music is simply fit for abnormal human behavior. On top of everything you have the band orchestrating this madness with ease.

Reviewing bands like Valve is always a pleasure. You can hear that the guys are giving all they got and are coming with a statement. Dramatic and honest this self-titled demo is totally worth a listen. Let's hope we hear more from them in the future.


Download: O'Alquemista, Into the Shadow of the Black Sun, Great Architects
For The Fans Of: Electric Wizard, Bongzilla
Listen: Bandcamp

Release Date 15.01.2012

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