Doors of Perception

Written by: PP on 07/04/2012 03:58:32

It has been only a few days since I proclaimed that bands who are successfully able to clone the infamous Tool sound are few and far in between, and here we are again with yet another band who take Tool's experimental progressive rock/metal ideas and re-interpret them as an influence on their own sound. The band in question is Drone from Denmark, and while they aren't copy-catting Maynard James Keenan & co quite as obviously as Soen, we're still indisputably in Tool territory throughout their debut album "Doors Of Perception".

The close sonic comparison to the progressive rock titans has earned them quite the reputation within the mainstream media in Denmark, culminating in DR P3 referring to them as one of the tightest and most spectacular upcoming bands in Denmark recently. The band is now based in Hamburg, Germany due to the enormously positive feedback in order to attempt a breakthrough, and judging by the quality and professionalism found on "Doors Of Perception", you can easily imagine the band to progress beyond what most bands are able to.

Musically, Drone draw so heavily from Tool and A Perfect Circle that those two comparisons are almost impossible to avoid especially based on the two openers "Divide And Conquer" and "Antic Disposition". But much like Chevelle before them (and unlike the blatant plagiarism of Soen), Drone take a lean towards alternative rock, though they uphold the progressive aspect of their music at the same time much in the same vein as local peers in Boil. They take utmost care in steering just clear enough from direct Tool copy-catting to ensure that no lawsuit will be pending in the horizon, but that being said, we're still rather close so more separation is clearly needed come album number two.

The whole ordeal is both written and recorded in such a professionally clean and polished manner that it's seriously difficult to believe Drone are only on their debut album. The songwriting, too, is based on a surprisingly strong foundation, especially when considering the ambitious mood and progressive rock leaning tilt of most songs on the album. True, "Doors of Perception" is no "Lateralus" or even "Undertow", but it is an intelligent and challenging progressive rock/metal album that should attract any Tool fans in its wake as it passes by criminally underrated throughout the national media.

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Release date 02.12.2011

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