The Day In The Year Of Candles

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Serpentia is an experimental metal band founded back in 1996 in Poland, who take the basic ingredients of melodic death metal as their foundation and start expanding from that starting point into all sorts of wild directions on their third album "The Day In The Year Of Candles". On one hand, the band does recall some old school mid 90s Swedish melodeath riffs, but the tempo is often slowed down to almost doom metal tempos, and yet the atmosphere in general leans far more towards gothic metal than anything else.

The resulting album is an intriguing mix of genres and one that doesn't sound like too many of its contemporaries. This is also one reason why it comes recommended for the fans of Paradise Lost, Type O Negative, Rotting Christ, Deathstars and even Textures according to the promo material, but really, Serpentia don't sound too much like any of the names mentioned. They have tech metal passages, distinctly Type O Negative influenced deep (male) clean vocals, as well as a progressive overtone to their music overall, alongside a wide range of other elements and influences. Perhaps this is why it sounds so interesting and fresh in comparison to other melodeath bands who merely don't fix what isn't broken to varying degrees of success. Using a plethora of electronic effects and down-tuned, Pantera inspired riffs in the process is yet another point of interest on the album, and one that clearly separates it from the rest.

After all, how many bands can transition from Paradise Lost-esque moments into tech death and back into melodeath sometimes even during the same song? So while consistency is an issue, originality and innovation isn't. Solid metal album for the person who's tired of hearing the same recycled riffs over and over again.


Download: On The Wings Of Destiny, Proclamation of Tragedy Movie, Pain No More
For the fans of: Rotting Christ, Type O Negative, Paradise Lost
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Release date 30.11.2011
Recession Records

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