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Written by: TL on 05/04/2012 23:03:06

Back when I reviewed the last Run, Forever LP "The Devil And Death And Me", I wanted to really like it, and was bummed that it didn't strike me as being any better than it did. The former part of that statement is the reason I signed up to write about the band's split with The Wild from June last year - despite my normal dislike for the split format I might add - and the latter then is probably why I haven't actually gotten around to doing it till now.

While Run, Forever are the reason I've been listening however, the split opens with the two tracks contributed by Atlanta-made quintet The Wild, with whom I have no prior experience. Judging from the two songs on offer however - "Street Names" and "To Be Content" - the band is characterized by a rather indie/emo sound, complete with youthful, shaky boy/girl vocal exchanges, yet they also get a strong Bob Dylan-esque vibe going via the prominence of harmonica. Especially "Street Names" get me thinking of "The Times They Are a-Changing", and whether they've been influenced by The Wild or have always been like that with me just not noticing till now, Run, Forever actually keep the 60's protest song vibe going even in their somewhat noisier Titus Andronicus-ish punk-rock.

Of the four tracks available, "Street Names" and Run, Forever's "Young Pioneers" are my immediate favourites, with the latter reminding me how effective Run, Forever can be when they pull the simple trick of letting their instruments fall away briefly and letting their charismatic singer emphasize a key phrase; "Some times it takes going through hell to make you feel alive!". The remaining tracks, "To Be Content" and "Silver Screens", are just as easily enjoyable, but they don't really catch my ear the way the other two do. And while this could hint that it's sensible for the bands to keep at it with splits for the moment, lest any full albums should reveal any lacking consistency or diversity, the mean quality of what's on this split means it accomplishes its mission, of making the listener feel like putting daffodils in gun muzzles and like checking out more music from The Wild and Run, Forever.

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For The Fans Of: Titus Andronicus, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Battle Creek, Tigers Jaw
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Release Date 21.06.2011
Solidarity Recordings

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