Broken Families

Written by: AZ on 31/03/2012 00:49:36

Having recently beheaded Emmure's latest release – courtesy of AP - I think that are about to earn themselves the title “deathcore executioners”. No wonder, especially when this genre has been expanding so much for the last years that repetitions are bound to occur. OK, repeating never hurt nobody; copy-pasting, however, is a party killer. The process of slowly inhaling almost everything common to other metal sub-genres, apart from hardcore itself, has led to many “goldfish” swimming aimlessly in the ocean bearing the “core“ suffix.

Coming from sunny Florida, the six-piece metal/hardcore mosh avengers Adaliah occupy the focus of this review. Going live on April 24th via Rite of Passage/Mediaskare Records “Broken Families” represents the band's latest effort. Lurking musically somewhere around the above mentioned Emmure with a touch of Suicide Silence and Winds of Plague at times, Adaliah seeks to open the eyes of the common listener and spray-paint the truth on the wall in a neon-bright shiny color.

Solid. A word expressing the first impression stamped on the opening track “In Balance”. Strangely enough a mixed musical emptiness fills the listener, making him unable to quite put his hand on what these boys are actually trying to do. You have the harsh screams of two vocalists and a hard instrumental background fit to quench every blood-thirsty mosh pit. Hands and legs are flying while two low, guttural guitar punches take your breath away one step at a time. Suddenly melodic riffs create logic in the dissonance, giving a little breather for the active part of the crowd. After all the double-bass is aimed exactly at those who respond the most!

As much as I tried, however, I didn't find an answer to the question – why does the band need two vocalists. Seriously, why? I have no idea where during the running time of the record they managed to deploy their two distinct vocal styles and how did their music benefit from it?

This record represents and keeps it real. It polishes the daily decaying statue of “breakdown” hardcore/metal music. It is everything that can be expected and even more. It is meant to be played loud, and screamed with a full throat. Headbanging and sweating moshers and scene kids – put your caps straight because this windmill is a deadly one. But hey don't blame me - blame it on the boogie!

Download: Devil, Snake, Harbors
For The Fans Of: Emmure, Suicide Silence, Winds of Plague
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Release date 24.04.2012
Rite of Passage/Mediaskare Records

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