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Written by: AZ on 26/03/2012 23:54:22

It has been a while since I started listening to melo-sympho-death metal but by the looks of today's main acts things haven't changed that much. Although many big bands like Children of Bodom, which I will address again later in the review, have been stuck in a cycle the last few albums, there still is fresh blood in this genre.

Today's spotlight falls on Sangre Eterna. A band from Serbia, a typical five-piece metal band that takes the listener on a journey through blistering cold wind, deep darkness and cold ice. With energy and skill the self-proclaimed “Melo Death Metal Basterds from Serbia” attempt to place their name on the metal map of Eastern Europe with their release “Asphyxia”.

Of course, the guys have put an audible touch to this release. All musicians seem to do their job well. Sounds of tragedy brought by a synthesizer and a clean vocal similar to that of Amorphis lead us through a mystic forest where strange creates lurk during the night. Drums and guitars put you on a horse galloping through a wild field just before you find yourself on the wings of an eagle flying beyond the horizon. The picture I am describing is simple and yet majestic. During the length of the whole album we experience a trip full of destitution, fight for survival, with a teardrop to the fallen along the path to salvation.

Looking on the dark side of things, there is nothing new here. Comparing them to Children of Bodom in the FTFO section, I must note that the sound in general follows the same pattern but without the flashy guitar solos or guitar-synth battles that Alexi and his bunch are capable of.

Sangre Eterna are a band that has taken a step towards the main stage. However in order to conquer more new grounds they definitely need to break loose from the stereotype that the genre imposes on every band. The ideas and the pep is there. They just still lack the experience, though I am sure that will come soon enough.


Download: The Masquaerade, Seventh Angel, Asphyxia
For The Fans Of: Amorphis, Cradle of Filth(Nymphetamine and on), Children of Bodom
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Release Date 17.02.2012
Maple Metal Records


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