Repeating Patterns EP

Written by: PP on 24/03/2012 03:55:51

Here's another brief, yet delayed review of an interesting unit that's been in my queue all too long. On tonight's late night plate we have "Repeating Patterns" EP by EL:SD from Stockholm, Sweden, whose craft is noisy, gloomy post punk with a little bit of garage rock thrown in the mix for good measure. It recalls the obvious greats in the genre, most notably Sonic Youth and partially The Jesus Lizard among others, while ensuring to twist and reinvent the sound enough to avoid sounding like boring copy cats.

The four tracks on the EP have been recorded in a purposefully garage-oriented, lo-fi manner to give it that slightly hipster post-punk vibe that's really in at the moment. Think bands like Iceage and you know exactly where I'm headed with that thought. But unlike their peers, EL:SD's songs have an added twist of indie rock bounce typical to many Brit rock bands lurking just underneath the surface. This is most evident on the title track, but also on "A Will", which is the best track on the EP by a long shot. Here, they find a perfect balance between garage rock guitar melodies and the faded back and slightly distorted vocals to obtain that super trendy hipster sound that I mentioned just before. Luckily, the band never go overboard with the expression, leaving behind and enjoyable sound that should start taking the band to places once people discover the song.

The other three tracks, too, are fairly good, but we'll need a full length before we can judge if EL:SD are able to write enough good songs to matter in the long run. For now, "Repeating Patterns" EP shows a boatload of promise, and suggests that there could be something to this little known Swedish unit.


Download: A Will, A Contract
For the fans of: Sonic Youth, The Jesus Lizard, Iceage
Listen: Bandcamp

Release date 30.11.2011
Atlas Rec / Peace Attack Records

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