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*Lights Dim and intro sound effects begin* Steamhammer / SPV Records presents... A Kreator DVD... Enemy Of God - Revisited. The title's a bit confusing, it gives you the impression that Kreator re-mixed their latest album "Enemy Of God" and released it with a bonus DVD. At least that's exactly what I thought at first and wondered a lot why they needed to re-mix the latest album instead of modernizing the older classics. Fortunately this is not the case. "Enemy Of God - Revisited" is the title of Kreator's new DVD which contains the band's show at Wacken Open Air 2005, bonus performances, videoclips and the 5.1 DTS mix of the whole "Enemy Of God" album. On top of that, it also has the audio CD of the "Enemy Of God" album, in its original form and as a bonus two additional live tracks, recorded at their live performance in Korea.

The first and the most important section, the live performance at the legendary metal festival Wacken, is a complete Kreator set on the black stage of Wacken 2005. The stage is surrounded with a foggy atmosphere created with the help of Germany's dark weather and the use of a few smoke machines. There are thousands of people in front of the stage cheering and Kreator on stage with all the energy and anger they can have. The setlist consists of all Kreator classics as well as the hits from "Enemy Of God", such as the title track, "Impossible Brutality" and "Suicide Terrorist". The camera placing has been decided well, and they give a good view of what's happening on the stage and also in the crowd.

The second part is called the "Bonus Performances". The show that was broadcasted by a German live music show at Channel WDR3. It is a small venue with a small stage, a good audience, and just three songs ("Reconquering The Throne", "Renewal", "Servant In Heaven - King In Hell"), but yet it is a good performance with lots of sweat to show that the band is always going for a top notch performance.

When it comes to the third section, I don't think I can give you an objective review. It's the 5.1 DTS 96/24 mix version of Enemy Of God album and I don't have 5.1 DTS at my DVD player. But I can give you a clue that will ring a bell in your head, the mixing was done by Andy "The Magician" Sneap so I bet it's worth checking out with a 5.1 DTS system as the sound is likely to be phenomenal.

The fourth section consists of four videoclips from the "Enemy Of God" album: "Enemy Of God", "Dystopia", "Impossible Brutality", "Dying Race Apocalypse". There's something special about the "Dying Race Apocalypse" video, as the band opened a contest for this one, where many Kreator fans from all around the world sent their ideas to the band and this is the winning video by Tobias Lauf - quite an honour to have a video you made of your favorite band on their DVD! This section also contains a making of "Enemy Of God" documentary. I'm not a big fan of these "Making Of" videos but this one held me glued to the screen till the end, so I'd recommend you to do the same.

To sum it up, Kreator did a great job with re-visiting "Enemy Of God". If you're a Kreator fan and haven't bought this DVD yet, it's time to visit the nearest music shop, as there is just so much great material on this CD/DVD set to last for hours and hours of listening and watching pleasure. Run, don't walk!

Download: Enemy Of God, Impossible Brutality
For the fans of: Slayer, Destruction
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Release date 30.11.2006
Steamhammer / SPV Records
Provided by Target ApS

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