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The Code EP

Written by: PP on 06/12/2006 16:36:40

It's easy to recognize a good album solely based on the first listen because the songs are so well written that they immediately spark the wow-trigger. Maybe it's an awesome riff that stands out, a heartscraping scream or just a passage that you can relate to immediately. Chester, UK based Heresy Of Thieves' debut EP "The Code" does just that - it stuns you on the first listen, and knocks unconscious the unprepared.

Bringing in different styles varying from the chaotic complex hardcore of Converge to the technical brutality of Between The Buried And Me, "The Code EP" is not a small bite on the apple. There's just so much going on at the same time it's hard to pick which instrument to focus on, be it the screeching screams of the vocalist that transform into brutally deep growls at will or the complex guitar arrangements that shed some light into the instrumental turmoil that makes your ears bleed. Take "Divisions" for instance, which kicks off with a "AAAARHHHHH" scream and blast beats. Shortly after the guitars start chasing each other on incredibly complex octaves, all adding up to a desperation-filled, gloomy atmosphere brought by the earthshaking breakdowns and the indeciphrable screeches by the vocalist, immediately reminding you of Converge's Jacob Bannon's unstoppable discordant delivery. This is also without a doubt the best song on the EP, and the reason why these guys keep getting over two thousand Myspace plays per day. Even if the other tracks don't quite reach up to the standards "Divisions" sets, "Is There A War Going On", for instance, comes close and is another one of the reviewers favorites on the EP.

While Heresy Of Thieves' debut EP might not be for everyone, those that hold black- and death metal and chaotic hardcore close to their heart will find "The Code EP" suprisingly appealing, as long as you ignore the two-minute instrumental introductary track "Watch Your Crossfire" developing a D-day movie style cinematic atmosphere that's entirely irrelevant to the rest of the album. But even with that minor flaw, tracks like the ultra-deep growl dominated "Logical Punishment" are from the absolute upper end of this genre. Awesome debut.

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Release date 06.11.2006
Thirty Days Of Night
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