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Stole The TV EP

Written by: PP on 24/03/2012 03:14:55

Alright here's a quick one: at just four tracks, "Stole The TV" EP by The Bombpops races by its listener so quickly that writing an extensive review on it wouldn't make much sense. They're a California-based outfit that distinguishes themselves from the punk rock bunch by having not one, but two energetic female vocalists as their main attraction point. Another review actually put it the best so I'll borrow his words: take The Distillers and make them more pop by removing the rough and rebellious edge from Brody Dalle's vocals, but keep it much more punk rock and high-octane than, say, Paramore or Hey Monday, and you've just about arrived at The Bombpops.

Combining together skate punk with pop punk and 'no frills' punk rock, they fall somewhere within the same realm as Mixtapes. That is, if Mixtapes took some speed and tried to beat the clock to the end of the track four songs in a row. The instrumentation is tight and concentrated on bright melodies, usually balancing between borrowing from the usual suspects in skate punk as well as some newer names like Such Gold in places. The dual female vocals are an interesting feat, but can also be a little too sugar-coated in places to appeal to most people. That said, The Bombpops nail down a great chorus melody and addictive verses on at least two our of the four tracks here, and while it's nothing you wouldn't have heard before by dozens of other bands, it's fresh and energetic enough to warrant your attention.


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For the fans of: The Reagonomics, Mixtapes on speed, The Fight
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Release date 04.10.2011
Red Scare

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