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One of the most rewarding parts about being a reviewer is following a young band progress from being a work-in-progress unit into one that people should be starting to pay attention to. Oftentimes its the bands that initially appear to have little future promise in them that turn things around so massively it's difficult to believe they are the same band. That is the case with Fredericia rock band Deattached, who relied on amateurish, cliché riddled emo / post-hardcore on their 2008 demo, who today have transformed into a completely different act. Gone are the cliché screams (for the most part) and the inexperienced clean vocals; emo/post-hardcore is but an afterthought on their latest ep "The Secrets I Keep", where the band haven't just improved on practically every area of a band from songwriting and musicianship to structure and ideas, but they have also made themselves (slightly) more relevant in the context of the modern music scene.

Where the band previously drew comparisons to Story Of The Year and local acts Knife Of Liberty and even Trusted Few, they now relish with a similar hard rock fueled alternative rock approach that you'll find on later albums by Papa Roach, such as "The Paramour Sessions" and especially "Metamorphosis". The melodies, the lyrical universe, and especially the attitude-driven singing on songs like "She's The Party" is like directly lifted from these Papa Roach albums, which is okay, because it's essentially modern alternative rock at its core with an anthemic and instantly memorable chorus, and some ambitious, big-stage oriented songwriting. Quite the difference from the rough basement mixes of the band's past, anyway.

Basically, Deattached have achieved a complete turnaround of their band. What previously seemed like a hopeless effort now actually makes sense; the songs on "The Secrets I Keep" EP are quality hard rock / nu-metal inspired alternative rock, and exactly the caliber you'd expect from a band ready to take the next step in their career when moving on from playing in front of just a handful of people into a few hundred people venues eventually. "Patterns In Static", which is again borrowing huge amounts from modern Papa Roach in terms of the chorus melody, is basically a song with huge radio potential overseas, an enormous sign of improvement from the band's previous work. It's the one song that tells me Deattached may have a chance of a breakthrough if the right people hear their music, because the more I listen to it, the more I recognize the strong bridge, and the key chorus melody that's built from the same building blocks as any Papa Roach (or, for that matter, any other hard rock band) hit song that sells tens of thousands of copies if not more than that.

Though "The Secrets I Keep" isn't without its flaws (the weak beginning vs the strong finish being one of them), it's absolutely the EP that Deattached needed to release, if for no other reason than to convince themselves they have a career in writing and releasing music ahead of themselves.


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Release date 11.11.2011

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