And So It Came To Pass

Written by: AZ on 16/03/2012 23:12:33

War drums are calling the legions. Warriors from cities of distant lands unite. Together they will try to oppose the new threat. This new enemy of walking cadavers, sleepless behemoths and furious drones is lead by a monstrous creature without a shadow. It speaks a language unknown to mankind. It's purpose – none must survive.

This monster is called “Dyscarnate” and it comes from Horsham, UK. Being recognized as one of the best new death metal bands in the UK right now, the english overlords of chaos have produced a release that reserves itself a place amongst the best of the year. To the people new to Dyscarnate's music – be prepared for an album that is 100% pure death metal. Real and extreme in every way, it takes the listener on an epic battle for survival where no lives are spared. Having lyrical subjects similar to those of Behemoth and Nile and adding the groove that Misery Index swiftly incorporates, this “meat wagon” has one mode – grind.

The new wave of death metal bands has raised the bar pretty high. Nowadays nobody talks about fast double-bass or complex riffs – everyone does it. Brutality is present everywhere. The trick is to scramble the pieces that make up the genre so that the abortion's veins are full of hate and anger. Dyscarnate are have done just that. Taking no prisoners during the whole length of ”And So It Came To Pass” they reign with clinched fists, spreading disbelief in enemies around. Warcries like “Cain Enable”, “A Drone In The Hive” and “The Promethean” cause instant electrical charge to the head which makes it bang hard helplessly.

Just the simple thought of the future visual and musical confrontation with these guys puts a stupid, sadistic smile on my face. As if riding a horse though a crowd of swords, while swinging your spear left and right, I feel that venom – the adrenaline - pumping in my head. Moreover, the aggression and the way it is put to work is at a class that simply cannot leave a spectator by an innocent bystander. Circle pits, mosh pits, straight fights – you have a new soundtrack at your disposal!

The day is coming to an end. Heat, sweat and the smell of rotting flesh fill the air. Vultures circle the sky skulking on the remains of what used to be an army of thousands. Blood and corpses cover the field and only “he who shakes the Earth” stands tall, triumphant....


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For The Fans Of: Misery Index, Dying Fertus, Nile, Behemoth
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Release Date 27.02.2012
Siege of Amida Records

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