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The Fatal Feast

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The number one band in modern crossover thrash metal is without a doubt Municipal Waste. They've made a name for themselves through producing some of the most headbangable thrash metal you'll come across, as well as through more-or-less ridiculous gimmicks like having beer bongs as an integral part of their live shows, or having people wake board over the crowd instead of regular crowd surfing, and stuff like that. Moreover, their lyrics are intensely focused on partying and drinking unhealthy amounts of beer, so people have dubbed their expression as 'party thrash' in stark contrast to the over the top seriousness that otherwise exists within thrash metal.

Although the premise of the band seems gimmick-y at best, laughable at worst, they've managed to thrash and burn through four albums of varying quality prior to the release of their fifth full length, "The Fatal Feast". Previous fans of Municipal Waste will be happy to know this is the best material the band has released since at least "The Art Of Partying", perhaps even "Hazardous Mutation". Though they haven't changed much over the years, this is the album where the band makes a perfect 50/50 split between their thrash and hardcore influences, and really focus on the best elements from both. On one hand, guitarist Ryan Waste delivers some of his thrashiest, most aggressively killer riffs to date, found especially on "Repossession", "New Dead Masters", and "Standards And Practices", which will have your head nodding along involuntarily if you're not automatically trying to sustain brain damage already. Then you have Tony Foresta on vocals, who is admittedly monotonous and unvaried for the most part, but still manages to throw in some of the catchiest old school hardcore vocals he has done throughout his career on tracks like "Idiot Check" or "Standards And Practices".

The resulting expression is one that should appeal to hardcore and thrash fans both. Although this has always been a key appeal of Waste over the years, "The Fatal Feast" reinforces the band as the main go-to band when it comes to crossover. It basically underlines all the reasons why Waste were good in the first place, and adds some bold in places to lure in unsuspecting fans who might not have listened to Waste prior to this album. So even though "The Fatal Feast" is still unoriginal by all standards given how much it rips off the 80s thrash movement, it's still the best shot you have at listening to some quality, fun-filled thrash metal where the attitudes and vibes are in the right place. The Waste haven't changed; fans should love them for that.

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Release date 13.04.2012
Nuclear Blast

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