The Locomotive Sound Corporation

The Locomotive Sound Corporation

Written by: AZ on 10/03/2012 11:00:47

It's like I'm standing still. But I'm not. I feel the energy that the music spreads in the room. It's is like I'm drunk. The experience is … mechanical.

The Locomotive Sound Corporation, lead by a female – vocal and drum-wise – is a four-piece band from Paris that easily grabs my attention. Their self-titled five track release takes the listener through a real trip, giving him/her the opportunity to find a comfortable mood every once in a while and with a fine touch turn it easily a hundred and eighty degrees. A more general comparison of the band's music definitely leads to The White Stripes (”Seven Nation Army”), whereas songs like ”King Kong” remind me of Yeah Yeah Yeahs (”Down Boy”).

My first impression was that the CD was recorded live. It feels like you're at a live concert – the ”airiness” of the sound and the way it stops echoing - just like being in a crowded venue.

On one hand LSC give the listener a very atmospheric sound built on guitars, synth and a dim female voice. Mmm, the guitars... mmmuddy, delayed, slowly sketching the outlines of your mood. And just when you get depressed enough the echoing fragile voice of ”le dame” relaxes you and leaves you dreaming.

On the other hand you are experiencing a heavy dose of ”mechanical” rock that simply makes you want to jump and act crazy - ”shake yourself”, if you will. Out of nowhere a powerful vocal line mixes up with six strings bringing that punk-ish heaviness to the sound that also distorts your vision making you feel like in a free fall. Full of catchy tunes and interesting ideas, I cannot help saying that my favorite thing in the album is the ending of ”Turn into Rage” where the bands shows their creativity skills.

And overall it's a great CD. I personally listened to it through and through, and would honestly say that I don't get tired of playing it. So if you want to get your hands dirty check out The ”mechanical” Locomotive Sound Corporation.

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For The Fans Of: Radiohead, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The White Stripes
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Release Date 11.07.2011

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