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Fuck Fairytales, This Is Reality

Written by: AZ on 09/03/2012 20:42:21

Weapons: Trucker cap – check. Basketball pants - check. Multicolor hoodie - check. Multicolor tattoos - check. New sneakers - check.

Mosh mode: ON

If you have any kind of connection to heavy music that is produced nowadays you'll quickly catch up on what I'm saying. Yeah, it's hardcore. At least it was, now it's pretty much mainstream music amongst the youth. Seriously! As more and more people get attracted to “violent dancing” and the number of bands rises, so does the amount of crappy ideas and weak musicians. My perception of fans and bands combined is that none of them actually have any interest in the music they share between them or raising the bar higher. If it wasn't about guitars, tattoos and sweaty guys jumping on top of each other I'd think that is the same as pop culture. Prove me wrong!

“Fuck Fairytales, This Is Reality” is a solid album. What you see is what you get - straight out of the box modern hardcore. Breakdowns – of course, every song has them and they are heavy. The typical combination of two guys screaming their ass off one after another. The first one is the high pitched screamer whereas the second is a low or more distorted grunt who does the occasional pig squeals. Drums - double bass, skank beats and a bass drop before the breakdown. The usual gang, group vocals that emphasize something that the user has to hear a couple of times e.g. "Fuck", the name of the band(out loud), "Get out of my way", "You're gonna die", etc... Tension is built up by having a simple riff repeated slowly while the vocalist goes from talking calmly into screaming furiously. In other words all the good elements to a nice hardcore/metal album. Throw in a great instrumental with a piano and an audio cut from a movie and you're straight A!

Well I find this release to be mediocre. The problem is not that the band doesn't play well rather that there are no new ideas. “It's hardcore, that's not progressive metal” you may say. Well, even hardcore has to change or at least take a new turn of the wheel. The other thing is that kids don't care about the message which the music conveys. They just want it brOOtal...

“In Clear Sight” have a solid sound and probably have worked hard to get where they are. I respect that. BUT... I believe that if you want to be reviewed in a positive way as a band, you should step up and say something more than just... guitar feedback... "So right now I'm gonna kick some fucking aaaaaass".


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Release Date 29.10.2011
Clenched Fist Records

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