Shallow Graves

Written by: PP on 08/03/2012 15:25:05

It's rare we encounter bands from across the globe, but here's a band from pretty much directly on the other side of the planet compared to our location: Outsiders hail from Wellington, New Zealand, and they play a brand of rollicking punk rock that draws references to bands like The Flatliners, Against Me!, and Hot Water Music, often at the same time, offering a middle-of-the-road, melodically ringing punk rock expression. It's probably nothing you wouldn't have heard before done by a dozen similar bands especially from the Midwestern scene in the US, but "Shallow Graves" nonetheless succeeds because of the strength in its songwriting throughout.

Now, apparently this is supposed to be an EP of five tracks (tracks 1-5), but for some reason my copy also includes seven tracks from their debut album "The Words Will Write Themselves" (some sort of combo US re-release), so I'll use this opportunity to write down my thoughts on both. The first half is cleaner and more straight-forward punk rock, recalling the no-frills bands at the same time as they do Hot Water Music, whereas the remainder of songs starting from "The Other Half" are a little bit less produced and more harsh in their delivery. Both styles work; whether it's through the sing alongable "The Credits Roll" or the fiery and explosive melodies of "The Other Half" and its half-shouted "my timing...is so awkward!" lines, Outsiders execute a classic modern punk rock expression well enough to have drawn my attention to them. Like I mentioned earlier, it's not particularly original, but if you like this sort of Midwestern-tinged, melodically ringing medium tempo punk rock, Outsiders should be on your radar starting from this review.

Download: The Credits Roll, The Other Half, This House Ain't A Home
For the fans of: The Flatliners, Against Me!
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Release date 20.10.2011
Anchorless Records / Deadboy Records

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