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Weather The Storm

Written by: PP on 08/03/2012 14:02:35

Peace Mercutio is an alternative / punk rock hybrid located in Seattle, whose debut album "Weather The Storm" has been spinning in my music library for a couple of months now waiting for a review. Not because I haven't had time to write about it, but because it's sad to see such a good record move along from my review queue to a place where I cannot afford as many listens to it anymore. They specialize in the emotional end of alternative rock, much like Anberlin, Bayside, and These Green Eyes who take their cues from the darker melodies of Alkaline Trio, but slow them down to alternative rock speeds and song structures to stand out.

It's no coincidence I mentioned Bayside and These Green Eyes, because Peace Mercutio's vocalist and their emotionally charged up-then-down melodies draw heavily from these two bands, whether unintentionally or not. "So Desperate", for instance, could've been a song on Bayside's excellent "The Walking Wounded", and it's far from the only song where that is the case ("Chicago" is another close call). Fans of bands like Punchline should also appreciate some of the faster songs on the record, given the excellent emo croon of their vocalist, which has just the right amount of angst in it to sound convincing.

But more importantly, much like Bayside, Peace Mercutio know how to write good songs. Nearly all songs on the record are what I would consider 'hit' material, or the sort of stuff you'd root for being played live whenever the band comes to town. That's great news for a band who are only on their debut album with "Weather The Storm". Expect this band to grow exponentially in the coming years.


Download: Chicago, So Desperate, If Only
For the fans of: Bayside, Anberlin, These Green Eyes
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Release date 04.10.2011

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