A State Of Suffering EP

Written by: PP on 04/12/2006 17:20:00

There are far too many bands whose name has something to do with misery. Misery Inc, Misery Index, Misery Signals and now Misery, of whose debut EP "A State Of Suffering" I found absolutely no traces on the internet other than on their obscure label's website, which offered no more information than the price, possibility to order the EP and a picture of the cover.

A second look at the tracklisting reveals that perhaps Misery couldn't be a better name for the band. "Dishonour Thy Father, Pigs"? "Drowned By Fire"? "The Night Of Dying Eyes"? "In The Glow Of Burning Churches" for Gods sake? As the miserably dark names for the four tracks on the EP suggest, "A State Of Suffering EP" is black metal. But more importantly, the tracks are far more accessible than most black metal bands I've heard. "In The Glow Of Burning Churches" can also appeal to the screamo fans due to its technical guitar delivery and partially because of its screamo-type vocals. The growling is in general left to the sidelines, and only appears in minor doses in for example "Drowned By Fire" - a fact that distinguishes Misery from most other bands of their genre.

There are two tempos present on the EP. Lightning speed and slowed down. No middle ground whatsoever. The songs first rush in the beginning, then experience what some might even call a breakdown near the middle and slow for a moment, before exploding back into the dual kickpedal bred blastbeat domination and the vocalist's screeching screamo style. The guitars use complex passages, which are repeated over and over again during a song. Typically each song has about two to three different guitar passages played repeatedly in their respective sections of the song, which is also the main reason the songs are so accessible. It's technicality fused with simplicity (me likes) - a formula that has been proven successful time and time again by bands in all genres. This is why I predict great success for Misery as soon as they are able to escape the vicious cycle of obscure labels and jump on, say, Relapse or something.

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Release date 06.11.2006
Thirty Days Of Night
Provided by Target ApS

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