Human Jail

The Soul Alegory

Written by: AZ on 05/03/2012 00:48:49

There are many videos which depict a band sitting in a Cadillac or a Mustang, driving through an endless desert. I'm talking about "Scar Tissue" (by Red Hot Chili Peppers) or "Show Me How To Live" (Audioslave). It's all about freedom and bad boy image, no doubt. But if you use the same context and want to shift the gear (a number of times) you definitely need to check this band out.

Coming from the “desertless” northern France – Lille to be exact – weighting in...tons of heaviness – I present to you the stoner/metal band called Human Jail. Max (vocals) Antoine(Guitars) Etienne(Bass) Chris(Drums) are a young band – created in 2009, yet they easily follow great acts like Down, The Sword and Alabama Thunderpussy.

The four-piece french heavy-weights deliver a fast-paced album consisting of metal and southern rock. It's simple – you, the listener, are about to get you ass kicked with a big boot. A boot that's made for kicking hard. The “The Soul Alegory” is a genuine mix. You can hear clean and “shiny” solos that can turn your head around or groovy riffs that put a punch or a smile on your face (depending on where your standing at the concert). Compliments to the sound and the great ideas that the band demonstrates. A very nice clean “Phil Anselmo”-ish vocals are to be heard here and there on the CD which is otherwise dominated by Max's harsh screams. I smile every time I hear the next great mixture of groove, rock'n'roll, hardcore and even thrash(talking mainly about blast beats here).

On the other hand the guys are rolling on a train that you can catch every now and then. Don't get me wrong – I love the country intro of “Playing the Loosing”, the catchy stuff in “Atone”, the smart funkiness of “My Tomorrow” and, of course, my album fave “Lust and Love?” - but there are many bands that put out very good records in this genre. “Human Jail” have made a serious step towards a great record. The band is ready to shine and they will but they need to further fine-tune their style in order to hit that “sweet spot”.

I'm anxious to see the guys perform live and hear their next release. “The Soul Alegory” is a stampede of heavy rock 'n' roll leaving behind an album played with real feeling that gives the listener the will to head-bang hard, throw himself in the crowd or try to grab the mic from Max's hand and scream with full force.


Download: Atone, Love and Lust?, My Tomorrow
For The Fans Of: Down, Alabama Thunderpussy, Volbeat, Dropbox, The Sword
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Release Date 10.12.2011

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