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Medieval times. A dark forest in the feet of a mystical mountain. Its peaks hide somewhere in the clouds, high above where dragons dwell. Silent whispers echo at his footsteps. Thin rays of sunlight mark spots on the soft earthy ground. As clouds gather in the vicinity the day slowly turns into night. “Is someone following me?” are his last thoughts before...

…all the heaviness of five-piece death/doom band Inverloch from Melbourne Australia hits the listener in the face – and how! Furious blast-beats alongside ripping chromatic guitar riffs and deep black-ish growls fill the spectrum. Ben (vocals), Matt (Guitars), Tony (Bass), Mark(Guitars) and Paul (Drums) slowly sculpt the figure of a musical titan, speaking words unheard by humans, leading the listener into eternal darkness.

Although "Dusk...Subside" is their debut CD, Inverloch are not newcomers to the genre. Having half the members of famous doom band diSEMBOWELMENT, the band demonstrates a well established style which aims to and succeeds at extending the work of its predecessor. While the dark theatrical theme creeps gracefully in the background while things sound furious in front, Inverloch easily changes the mood for scenes depicting epic battles, ageless forests and deep waters.

This three-track cd gives listeners well-themed atmospheric doom with death elements. The songs create a dark and dramatic feeling with the echoes of Ben's low grunts and the reverb-acoustic guitars. A timeless breath is taken every now and then between the songs letting them flow into one another. The listener can easily consume the heaviness spread amongst all the songs without the feeling of stagnancy or forcible extension. Showing their interesting ideas and instrumental mastery, Inverloch dominate throughout the whole CD with ease.

To a great extent the album gives every metal fan what he/she is asking for – a conceptual album that makes a clear, short and precise statement. Arguing about the length and number of songs, as well as quality of production is meaningless. The only thing disappointing me is the fact that the album finishes before I'm ready to let go of the atmosphere that it provides.

… he looked infront. It was a strange creature. As if floating in mid-air, it sat there above the ground, drifting. A face hidden underneath scars of ages past. It looked at him as if it was saying ”Come with me”. And so his journey began...


Download: Within Frozen Beauty, The Menin Road, Shadows Of The Flame
For The Fans Of: diSEMBOWELMENT, My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost

Release Date 10.04.2012
Relapse Records

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