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Austria's Loxodrome are apparently recommended by our very own Scarred By Beauty, at least according to the information I was given about their EP "Mirros.Affection" that was released during the fall last year. They remind me a great deal of a small British band called Nex, whose biggest achievement was a couple of re-issues on Rising Records, in the sense that they reference that early 2000s musical period when nu-metal still had a strong influence on the direction and sound of the music scene at large.

As such, "Mirros.Affection" EP is riddled with references to bands like Hoobastank, but perhaps more prominently than that, Lostprophets all the way back from their debut album "The Fake Sound Of Progress". You know, the one where they screamed and did all sorts of nu-metal meets early post-hardcore things that made them into the mega success they are today (at least in Britain). That's also precisely what Nex did on their self-titled debut in 2006. A song like "The Liar", in particular, makes it difficult if not outright impossible to connect the dots between Loxodrome and Lostprophets, mainly thanks to the anguished clean vocals that bear striking resemblance to Ian Watkins from his early LP days.

It's not a bad comparison by any means. Lostprophets were a good band back in the day and they are a good band today as well. But what Loxodrome lack compared to them is flair and charisma. Many of the songs are flat, and unfortunately few drown in nu-metal sounds to the extent that one has to ask: why do this in 2011/12? At the same time, "The Liar" is simply a good song, and if Loxodrome are able to write more material in the vein of this song, they should be able to advance their career. But given how they were formed in 1999 and are still stuck at this stage, they need a miracle (and a better band name) to do so consistently.


Download: The Liar
For the fans of: old Lostprophets, Nex, Hoobastank
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Release date 17.10.2011
TripleCore Music

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