Unleash the Truth

Written by: EW on 20/02/2012 23:19:52

Swedish doomsters Doomdogs are a reflection of all the most likeable aspects of doom/stoner metal on their second full-length, "Unleash the Truth", with gruff vocalist Tomas Eriksson (ex-Grotesque) wailing atop a collection of bass-heavy groovy songs which recall the likes of Orange Goblin, Black Sabbath, Big Game Hunt and Crowbar…but finding a distinguishing feature about the band is a task not becoming of me even after multiple listens across numerous months. The chilled stoner vibe of "The Annie-Christ" is what separates Doomdogs from the more negatively-minded doom cousins of theirs but try pointing out what is unique about this song, or "All Lies" or "Slight Case of Madness" or the half-dozen other decent track on offer and you'll quickly realise there is very little.

A pub atmosphere abounds on "Unleash the Truth", from the warm and heavy production job, soaked in an analogue heart of old, to the simple yet effective riffing of guitarist Christian Cuñat. The similarity in feel in most of the tracks on offer here also adheres to such a template; where the big names of the genre (specifically Sabbath but also Crowbar, Kyuss etc) mix up emotions and tempos to keep things interesting, the latter tracks begin to feel just too heterogenous to their predecessors to keep the interest levels peaking. Case in point is the Sabbath cover of "A National Acrobat" closing the album - Doomdogs crush out a fine rendition albeit without much of an added personality to what is already a genre classic.

By no stretch a scene-leader, "Unleash the Truth" is still a proficient and interesting enough album to warrant Doomdogs support-status for bigger acts whom are of clear inspiration to these guys. Just a bit more focus on a personal identity could see them rise up to the next level, but then perhaps that was never a burning desire for a band so clearly named in thrall and worship to the genre from where they came…


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For The Fans Of: Black Sabbath, Orange Goblin, Big Game Hunt
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Original release date: 01.09.2011
Doomentia Records

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