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This Is Your Moment EP

Written by: TL on 08/02/2012 00:14:13

Right, from a totally well-hyped band I'm now moving on to one that is pretty damn obscure. The Story Changes are a rock duo from Dayton, Ohio, whom I have never personally heard of.. Yet they still have more facebook likes that this website. Damn, they even have a website themselves that look better than this website, and a merch store that looks so pro you'd think they're a Jimmy Eat World-size band.

Judging from the sound of their 2011 EP "This Is Your Moment", released on I Am Shark records, they're not a Jimmy Eat World-size band however, not even close. That's not an insult, that's just me observing that the recording, while decently produced, is quite obviously not a big budget release. Props must go out to the band for having an online presence that made me halfway expect that, but really this is more like a loving underground record paying tribute to the moment in 90's alternative rock just before emo started to emerge. Save for the opener "Tidal Wave" - which has me thinking just a little of Thursday - the other two original songs on offer "How Long" and "Worlds Collide" make me think of old songs by bands like Far or Foo Fighters, and as you should all no, that's not a bad thing. In my view however, the guys in the band have a problem with their would-be anthemic choruses not really rising to the level of their cool, sliiightly emo-tinged verses.

The last song on the record is a cover of Nirvana's "Breed", which the band probably had a lot of fun playing, but it's the kind of track that has you asking "if you weren't going to really make a positive mark on the song, why even record a cover of it?". Overall, the EP strikes me as the kind of record put out by a band trying to keep things going and keep their limited fanbase interested. Could be it achieves this goal, but really, considering that The Story Changes seem to have been together for a while and toured fiercely, I would be more interested in the kind of record that comes after this one. The one on which a band gets serious with a richer recording and some more songs to judge them by. As a reviewer, it's just a little hard to come up with much to say about 'smaller' records such as this.


Download: How Long, Worlds Collide
For The Fans Of: Far, Foo Fighters, Silversun Pickups

Release Date June 2011
I Am Shark

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