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Second Family

Written by: PP on 26/01/2012 14:28:10

Patent Pending used to sound a great deal like New Found Glory and old Fall Out Boy on their debut album "Save Each Other, The Whales Are Doing Fine", producing a light-hearted, hilarious pop punk expression that fell under the tongue-in-cheek category in more ways than just one (think humor in the vein of The Aquabats). It was a good album for what it was. We've missed out one album in between, but on their third album "Second Family" their early influences have been exchanged with All Time Low style brains-out-the-window pop punk that's liable to wet the panties of underage girls, induce bra-throwing on stage, and that sort of thing.

So the intelligence level and value to the music scene as a whole is at an all time low, but as long as you're able to get over that and turn your brains off for a second for some innocent laugh-out-loud humor (of the kind: I can't believe they used that as the chorus line, that's outrageously bad) that stems from Bowling For Soup when they are at their best, then Patent Pending still offer a decent cocktail of pop punk, pop rock, and high school humour. Sounds like you've heard it before, granted, but Patent Pending have always been renowned for their quirky lyricism that's borderline idiotic at times. They're singing about who gets to keep the Nintendo Wii in a breakup, about bros and douchebags, and my personal favorite line from the record, the super catchy and bouncy "me minus you equals me completely" line on "Memory". Based on that line alone you should know what to expect.

So just like Simple Plan, All Time Low, Bowling For Soup, and other bands like them, Patent Pending offer a chance to turn off your analytical mind for forty minutes of pointless fun and retarded humor. It's not for everyone, but as All Time Low's success has proven, there's a market for this type of stuff, and even though I'll inevitably lose some music geek points for saying this,I'll be there to sing along to "you'll always be a prick, a fake, your parents greatest mistake. You're the height of all douchebaggery, it's too much to take" when they roll into a town nearby. That doesn't mean I can award them a rating any higher than this, all of the above taken into consideration.

Download: Little Miss Impossible, Douchebag, Memory, Set The Sun On Fire
For the fans of: All Time Low, Bowling For Soup, Simple Plan
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Release date 27.07.2011

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