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Vesuma are a hardcore inspired instrumental rock outfit from Sweden. Their debut album "North" spans just five songs, but is more than thirty minutes in length, where the band try to convert their inspiration from the cold climate and climate threats (global warming) into an equivalent sonic expression. Titles like "Air Pollution", "0.6 +/- 0.2 C", "Cryosphere -> Hydrosphere", or "The Collapse Of The Larsen B Ice Shelf" suggest that global warming is something they feel strongly about, and "North" is basically a musical response to those feelings and thoughts.

They succeed in converting the ideas into music to some extent, but only when they incorporate few spoken word samples such as on "Air Pollution". Elsewhere, it's just your casual non-cinematic instrumental rock, and if I hadn't filled you in with the backing story, you probably would have no idea the album's concept was based on climate change. And that's precisely the biggest weakness of Vesuma: the music is nicely constructed with good, post-rock oriented build ups and vast audio spaces, but it really could use vocals to explain the concept better. The listener is left in the metaphorical cold on the backing story, unless you're of the dreamer type who likes to use music as a background for imagining your own story for the album and the issues it deals with. That's also fine, but for this scribe it's just not enough; the lack of vocals makes the album sound less interesting than it otherwise would be. Also, because the band describes the music being inspired by hardcore, it would be interesting to actually hear some hardcore oriented passages, but they are virtually nowhere to be found on this record, unless they regard crescendos and loud melodies as 'hardcore' for some reason.


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Release date 16.04.2011

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