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Written by: PP on 28/11/2006 14:56:54

Red Warszawa are a strange bunch. You don't really know whether to laugh or cry over their ridiculous take on heavy metal and Danish culture by the means of satirical lyrics and ironic mid-song pop passages that obviously don't belong into their mess of clearly audible low-tuned bass fretting and heavy, simplistic guitar riffs. Or what would you think of a band who camps at Roskilde festival, gets hammered, and plays a two-man a cappella concert on top of a hill inside the camping area, only supported by a beer case taking the role of a drumset, and no microphone involved, just because they felt like doing so after having a 'few drinks'.

It is clear these songs can't be taken seriously, and they weren't meant to be. After all, the band themselves thought Warsaw was also called Warszawa in English as it is in Danish, and therefore named their band incorrectly - all this while being drunk. The correct term for their 'best of' album "My Poland Collection" could just as well be "drunk metal" as heavy metal just doesn't sound suitable for an act this unserious. The Danish lyrics may be a put off for some, as the instrumentals are largely irrelevant and only function as a support for the cleverly written satires of the Danish society.

All the band's classics like "Norsk Black Metal", "Julemandens Selvmordsbrev", "Satanisk Kommunisme" and "Gratis Luder" have all been included within the 16 tracks of the album, effectively covering the whole spectre of 'hits' the band has spanned during their career. Yet it can't be recommended for serious listening, as the only plausible time Red Warszawa songs are relevant is when you've had about a 12-pack of beer or you're at a festival. For a foreigner like me, though, Red Warszawa's mainstream-like appeal in Denmark is a joke. Perhaps the public thinks the joke is funny, and as a would-be objective reviewer, I have to grade it accordingly as "My Poland Collection" does not miss any of their so-called classics, and therefore by the 'best of' standards it is above average.


Download: Soren Autonom, Satanisk Kommunisme
For the fans of: N/A
Listen: "Norsk Black Metal" video @ YouTube

Release date 27.10.2006
Gusten Faetter Record
Provided by Target ApS

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