Bite Back EP

Written by: PP on 26/01/2012 13:01:00

Darasuum are yet another solid hardcore signing by Rite Of Passage / Mediaskare Records, who are quickly becoming the go-to place for quality hardcore releases from all styles of the genre. Their newest EP "Bite Back" is a ferocious melodic hardcore record that draws equally much from hardcore punk as it does from metalcore, to arrive at a ferocious expression that's made only slightly milder through the clever use of melancholic gang vocals on the background.

Fierce and aggressive, relentless and uncompromising, Darasuum deliver a hardcore onslaught that should leave no fan of the heavier bands in the genre cold in just fifteen minutes spread across six tracks. And they do so without the unnerving desire to use heavily down-tuned guitars or unnecessary breakdowns, instead offering a sound that's both dynamic and more fluid in comparison. The harsh screaming is mostly delivered at a breakneck tempo, but is often slowed down for more atmospheric sections, like on "Dwellings", for instance. Added contrast is created through the clever use of desperate clean vocal howls on the background, which give the songs a haunting level of urgency and intimacy not often seen with records of this type. Fans of Comeback Kid, Counterparts, etc should find themselves at home while Darasuum 'bites back' on their latest EP.


Download: Sleeping With Faith, A Place Called Home
For the fans of: Comeback Kid, Counterparts, Constraints
Listen: Bandcamp

Release date 27.09.2011
Rite of Passage / Mediaskare

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