Chapter 11 EP

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"Chapter 11" EP is the latest release by Belgian ska punkers Overweight, and it's considerably different from their 2009 full length "The World For Sale". That record saw the band reach deep into Millencolin-style melancholic skate punk as an added ingredient to their trumpet & trombone driven-ska, which was an interesting mix that had a different sound than most bands in the genre, somewhat at the cost of cheerfulness.

On "Chapter 11" then, the melancholic guitars and any references to skate punk have been removed in favour of a classic third wave ska sound in the vein of the 90s ska punk bands, most notably Reel Big Fish and some of the medium tempo tracks by Less Than Jake. So if there previously were moments in which Overweight didn't sound happy-go-lucky, "Chapter 11" displays them as a band that has reconsidered their identity and gone all-in on the cheerful, up-beat brand of ska-punk championed by the aforementioned bands. It's a brighter, and consequently also much catchier sound by nature, and one which finally sees the band's trumpet player & trombonist to forge a fun dynamic between them. Where the songs two years ago were at times unconvincing, they are now exuberant and super-melodic.

Together with the improved song-writing and catchier vocal lines, "Chapter 11" leaves its predecessor sounding a little tired in comparison. This is an up-beat ska record that relies on fun, catchy sing alongs and plenty of horn instruments for groove.

Download: Guantanamo, I Want It You Got It
For the fans of: Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake
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Release date 05.12.2011

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