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Written by: PP on 18/01/2012 06:24:33

Strange. I remember listening to The Reveling's "3D Radio" EP two years ago and thinking that they sound a great deal like Gaslight Anthem and The Lawrence Arms. Either I was on crack, or the band have changed a great deal since then, because their debut full length "Tributaries" sounds more akin to Rise Against and Authority Zero than either of the two aforementioned bands.

In fact, they sound so much like Authority Zero in particular--who in turn sound like a light version of Rise Against--that we can pretty much expect them to start snowballing as soon as the punk scene at large finds out about them. Soaring vocals and choruses are used to a great extent to inject melody alongside the guitar riffs that have received some polish, but not enough to remove the edges from them completely. Basically, the recipe for arena-sized mid tempo punk rock anthems inspired by the classics written by Bad Religion. And given how closely they sound like the big names in the genre, there's no reason The Reveling shouldn't be able to follow their career path at the coattails of their success. Give them a few reasonable opening slots for these types of bands, and boom, the next big hit in punk rock is born. Especially given how big of an improvement "Tributaries" is from their EP in pretty much all departments.

But nowhere else is that more clear than in terms of the overall songwriting. The songs here flow, they have mammoth choruses, and yet retain the dynamic of a small-sized band that makes them sound energetic and convincing overall. "Tributaries" might be one of the best kept secrets from 2011.

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For the fans of: Authority Zero, Rise Against, Bad Religion, Antillectual
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Release date 21.06.2011
Black Numbers

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