The Blush Of Dawn

The Blush Of Dawn

Written by: TL on 17/01/2012 14:01:26

This next record I have up for review is a rather mysterious one. It's the self-titled debut by The Blush Of Dawn from Washington, USA, a band it's pretty hard to find out anything about, seeing as there's next to no information available about them on either their website, facebook etc. Fortunately, I've gotten a bit of a promo blurb that explains that this is the project of brothers Brad and Sean Foster and that is was recorded with Jamie's Elsewhere singer Aaron Pauley in the summer of 2010.

It also says that "Their penchant for entropy and disregard of orthodoxy is evident in their phantasmagoric debut release". After a solid number of listens, I'd say that's about right, at least the bit about disregarding orthodoxy, because it's not an easy task, finding structure or sense in the eleven tracks on offer here. Most of them carry a sound similar to Circa Survive, but they flow like the band is just free form jamming, rather than performing any sort of pre-composed arrangement. There are easily more instruments in play than two men can handle, just as there are both multiple voices, both male and female, aiding the main singer, who sounds a bit like the guy who sang in Oh, Clemency.

That comparison however, is also really the main positive I can find listening to "The Blush Of Dawn", which is a disc most likely to be appreciated by singing-geeks who like vocalists with high ranges. The way I hear it, the instrumental progressions are simply too unengaging for the most parts, as only a few songs - such as "(R) Sleeping Patterns" and "(W) Lazaretto" - seem to offer memorable moments worth coming back for. Otherwise, I'm afraid the average product here sounds a bit pretentious and self-indulgent, and while Pauley has done a decent job producing, you can still hear that this is far from a big budget release. And I can't really find much else to say than that, because frankly "The Blush Of Dawn" is a record that doesn't make too many impressions, and if there's a niche for it, I'm afraid I think it's a rather small one.


Download: (R) Sleeping Patterns, (W) Lazaretto
For The Fans Of: Circa Survive, Death Before Disco, Oh Clemency, Children Of Nova

Release Date 31.05.2011

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