The Forecast

Late Night Conversations

Written by: KS on 29/05/2005 11:10:54

The Forecast has with Late Night Conversations made an album which is very simple yet quite effective. Their rock songs clearly has a lot of inspiration from the 90's indie rock scene. They make use of 2 different vocals, one male and one female. Unfortunately the female voice often seems stressed, like she's trying to hard and makes screeching noises and is whining away in a very high pitch. Sometimes this does work and is exceptionally well done on 'Fade in, Fade out'. Luckily the male voice is the main one, and he sings pretty damn good in my opinion. So if you're into rock with a lot of indie and emo influences you should give this a listen. Not that complex songs, but with great harmonies and quite enjoyable melodies.


Download: Fade in, Fade out
For the fans of: Hey Mercedes, The Early November

Release date 17.5.2005
Victory Records

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