Scare Yourself

Written by: PH on 26/05/2005 22:06:58

D-A-D is trying to seem like the rockstars they used to be, on this record. It's way faster and heavier than their previous release Soft Dogs - And it's also way better than Soft Dogs. The vocalist, Jesper Binzer, is screaming his lungs out in the chorus of the song Scare Yourself - probably to demonstrate that D-A-D are back on the right track, and have forgotten all about their quite unsuccesful "Softer style". D-A-D is succeeding quite well in making this record, and it is very close to reach the same heights as their best albums. The album contains 1 or 2 songs, which has the potential of becoming D-A-D classics like "Sleeping My Day Away" and "I Won't Cut My Hair" - It's likely that it's going to be: A Good Day(To Give It Up) and/or Scare Yourself. All in all, an album way above the average.


Download: A Good Day(To Give It Up), Scare Yourself, Alright

For the fans of: dizzy Mizz Lizzy, Magtens Korridorer, Foo Fighters

Release date 23.05.05

Medley Records

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