The Fucking Wrath

Valley Of The Serpent's Soul

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California-based The Fucking Wrath are a difficult bunch to categorize on their sophomore album "Valley Of The Serpent's Soul". Their attitude and tendency to leap into pure rock'n'roll passages suggests Motörhead as a primary influence, but their hardcore approach recalls Discharge in places, whereas the southern swagger on opener "The Question" places the album firmly in Every Time I Die territory, only to progress into sludgier and dirtier metallic direction later on. And as if that wasn't enough, final song "Goddess Of Pain" brings in influence from both (early) Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster and Red Fang, solidifying the Southern rock theme that's one of the dominant factors of the album throughout. You could even namedrop Melvins in this context without wandering too far off from their core sound.

With an expression that attempts to put together so many genres, it is ultimately up to songwriting talent whether the songs will come across well. There are moments where The Fucking Wrath are excellent, mostly because of the swagger meets attitude meets groove mix they have going on. But there are also plenty of moments where The Fucking Wrath sound average and forgettable. It's one thing to yell into the microphone like Keith Buckley than actually being Keith Buckley on record. That's the sad truth that meets their vocalist about halfway through this record, where his hardcore-based swirly frizzly yell comes across as incompetent more than intimidating or orchestrating.

Alongside some fairly average and forgettable riffing, The Fucking Wrath struggle to make a lasting impression throughout the record. It's one of those that at first sounds like it has potential ("The Question"), but fails to execute it until the last track, the slowed down "Goddess Of Pain", which brings in a slower and more gloomy approach to their songwriting. More of the former and the latter would make a world of difference for the band and the album.

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For the fans of: Every Time I Die, Clutch, Melvins
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Release date 01.11.2011
Tee Pee Records

The Fucking Wrath - Swan Song Of A Mad Man by Tee Pee Records

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