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Written by: PP on 10/01/2012 02:30:45

If you are to believe the promotional information, our very own The Tremolo Beer Gut are the leading surf rock band in the world. I have no idea who they are, so I'm pretty sure that's a liiiiiittle bit of an exaggeration, but either way, they've been in the Danish scene since 1999, so I guess they count as an old band or something these days. Anyway, they've decided to surf rock-ify a bunch of old songs from a wide variety of genres on their 17-track long covers album, "...Under The Covers With" (The Tremolo Beer Gut).

Artists and bands as varied as Duane Eddy, Kraftwerk, Tom Waits, Sonic Youth, and Depeche Mode receive a surf rock treatment to an extent where it's difficult to recognize the original songs from the surf guitar's dominance. Additionally, all vocals have been removed so these are all-instrumental songs. While that's all well and dandy for a sonic experiment, it doesn't translate into particularly interesting music. The songs sound too much alike, even in instances where they are polar opposites from each other in original form, and the lack of vocals is really disturbing throughout the record. Basically, the record ends up being one you'll listen with one ear, while it's all going out the other ear, leaving no mark on the listener other than "when is this borefest over"? Yes, the experiment is intriguing on some level, but can we all agree here that surf rock isn't exactly the most exciting of genres to start out with? Tremolo Beer Gut might know what they are doing in the genre, but this release isn't the one that's going to turn you into a surf rock fan. In fact, it might do the opposite through its uninspiring sound.

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Release date 10.10.2011
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