The Eye Of Horus

Written by: PP on 09/01/2012 05:30:08

DingDingDing! We've found a winner in the worst band name of 2011 competition: Moffarammes from Sweden. I have no idea what their name means, or how to even pronounce it, but yet it provokes and unexplainable feeling of repulsion and uninterest in the band on sight. That goes some way in explaining how their new album "The Eye of The Horus" has received almost no coverage on the interwebz, because their lo-fi oriented indie rock sound is otherwise quite decent, and reminiscent of many bands from the American underground. With a sound like this, that also dabbles with math rock from time to time, one would expect them to gather a loud minority of music fans on their sound.

Alas, that is not the case. The band is a duo that stems from the now defunct Affordable Hybrid (who?), who plays high tempo indie rock delivered in two-or-so minute stabs of bouncy rhythms that approach punk rock every now and then. While the overall soundscape is distinctly US underground, the guitars occasionally borrow from the big names in British indie rock circa 2005-2006, here I'm thinking Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand and stuff like that, only morphed into a more intelligent and slightly more challenging format. The vocals are surprisingly noisy and shouty for an indie rock release - here the punk influence is notable - but they work a decent dynamic between the guitars to emit a good dosage of energy for good measure.

However, that's all that Moffarammes ever are: decent. Aside from maybe "Radio Shows", "The Eye Of Horus", and "Madrid Blues", the band lacks the standout tracks that would strike out on first listen. And even the ones I just mentioned are barely above the average in underground indie rock. At the same time, they are never really worse than that either. Usually in the case of small bands you get a couple of alright tracks and then a boatload of stuff that underline why the band hasn't gotten popular; those are missing from "The Eye Of Horus". Either way, Moffarammes have to find a way to elevate their best songwriting to a higher level to matter even in the underground. Also, a name change wouldn't hurt.


Download: The Eye of Horus, Radio Show, Madrid Blues
For the fans of: mathy indie rock with punk undertones
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Release date 28.09.2011

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