Destined For The Sun EP

Written by: PP on 08/01/2012 04:04:26

Labeled 'astral metal' by their marketing materials, I was at first puzzled over Elks and their new EP "Destined For The Sun", because it breaks through the gate with a conventional sludge metal expression not much unlike that of Kylesa, High On Fire, Bison B.C. and our local heroes Rising. The core of their sound is indeed rooted in muscular sludge metal where roaring vocals and a thunderous rhythm department are the name of the game, with a little bit of southern twist to the production to leave it muddy and unclear as is tradition in the genre.

But then it hits me on "Fall Of The Starchitect", where their riffs suddenly go into space mode, echoing around the soundscape nicely. Here we're talking Mastodon-like ambition, although Elks are of course toned down significantly and nowhere near as good (yet). They escape the tight confines of the crammed and brooding sludge metal we are used to hearing, and give us something fresh and interesting to listen to. This is where Elks are at their best, though their muscular through-the-brick-wall expression is decent to start out with as well.

There are some concerns about the slightly garage-ish production and sameness of the songs, but overall "Destined For The Sun" EP is a surprisingly enjoyable piece of sludge metal that isn't afraid to experiment with the rules of the genre, even if it does so ever-so-slightly. Check it out, especially if Kylesa is right up your alley.


Download: Fall Of The Starchitect, Destined For The Sun
For the fans of: Rising, High On Fire, Kylesa, Black Tusk, Bison B.C
Listen: Bandcamp

Release date 01.11.2011
Tee Pee Records

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