Righteous Jams

Business As Usual

Written by: PP on 21/11/2006 15:12:49

The recent few years has seen a new rise of old school punk hardcore. Bands like Bad Brains have toyed around with the thought of reuniting and new bands like Sinking Ships and Righteous Jams are popping up like flowers in the spring. The latter has just released their sophomore record "Business As Usual" through Abacus, a label which houses one of the most influential bands within the genre, namely Sick Of It All.

Righteous Jams lives up to their promo sheet promises. The songs are uncompromising hardcore punk with plenty of speed and harsh vocals, but you can still make out what their vocalist Joey C is saying. But in the midst of the heavily distorted power chords are solos ranging from Soundgarden/Audioslave style rattling stretches to even The Clash/Sex Pistols style screeching ones. The songs are kept together tightly, and as a result it's hard to make them apart from one another at first, and choosing your favorite turns out to be a tough decision as so many of them sound a like. This is new school meets old school with a middle finger up in the air for the trends, it is pure straight edge and honesty filters through the stifly sound that gives a strangely fresh vibe in 2006. "Business As Usual" is just that - simple, straightforward punk hardcore in the vein of Black Flag, Bad Brains and other influencers, or business as usual if you like.


Download: Thought Vacation, More Is More
For the fans of: Sinking Ships, Shook Ones, Sick Of It All, Bad Brains
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Release date 27.10.2006
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