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Uneven Structure spent nearly two years writing their debut album, "Februus"; developing its spacious concept, working patterns into their rampant polyrhythms, and distilling some of the finest music to have appeared in the djent genre thus far. But do not be fooled by the bended strings, groove laden chugging and complex time signatures - Uneven Structure do not belong in the cesspool of generic djent bands all hopelessly trying to replicate the influential sound of Meshuggah.

No, Uneven Structure come close to actually sounding like Meshuggah on "Februus", and do so with distinction. True it takes three guitarists to achieve this, but witnessing the product of these intelligent musicians come to fruition on a masterpiece like "Awaken" is no less breathtaking. It is the perfect djent song; the hair-raising crescendo that builds from the two minute mark borders on the cinematic, and when juxtaposed against the delicate ambience lingering in the background, it could be considered one of the finest musical moments of 2011. Indeed, there is little to complain about on "Februus", nor should there be, given the two years spent continuously iterating over the songs and tuning them to perfection.

Eyes closed, lost in a stream of consciousness: this is the experience of listening to songs like "Frost", "Hail", "Buds" and "Awe", balancing between the introspective spaciousness and melancholy of TesseracT and the glowing intensity of Meshuggah at their absolute heaviest with a compulsive attention to detail. The result, as already mentioned, is stunning; an album which flows and wavers without relent, never pausing between songs for a transition. In fact, the most apt description of "Februus" is that it is arranged into one song with ten parts, giving rise to a sense of enormity and timelessness.

"Februus" is more than a mere album, and Uneven Structure are mere vessels for its divine proportions. Through the sheer unabated beauty of their nerve-wrenching crescendos and whispering slumps the listener is immersed into a pan-dimensional musical experience that borders on an epiphany, speechless in the face of the creative diversity on display. So although dissecting the album is a demanding and time-consuming task, the end rewards are immense.

"Februus" is quite simply one of the best albums released this year, even if disc two is somewhat baffling with its three songs and 30 minutes of humming ambience that sounds like the soundtrack to a science-fiction movie set in space (this second disc is best thought of as "bonus" tracks and not as part of the body of the album). "Februus" gives reason to have faith in a genre that is rapidly becoming derivative due to a huge influx of new bands drawn in by its fringe character. If you count yourself among the disbelievers shunning djent and regard it as a pseudo-genre, prepare to have your mind blown by Uneven Structure.


Download: Awaken, Frost, Hail, Awe, Quittance, Plenitude
For the fans of: Chimp Spanner, The Interbeing, Meshuggah, TesseracT
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Release date 31.10.2011
Basick Records

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