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Against The Flood belong to the burgeoning British metalcore scene that has been producing quality acts ever since Architects had their breakthrough with "Hollow Crown" in 2009. Their self-titled debut EP showed some promise at the start of the year, despite plagued by obvious similarities to the early releases of Architects, but "Home Truths" is where Against The Flood delivers a record capable of standing on even footing with the bigger names in the metallic hardcore genre.

They haven't shed their reputation of being an Architects side project, mainly thanks to the monotonously yelled vocals, which definitely require some time in getting used to. They add a sense of force and power to the band's sound arsenal, which consists of small technicalities and intricate melodies, but also brutal breakdowns and some of the heaviest chugging you'll have heard on record. I'm sure that "Sleepless" gave me permanent ear damage through its devastating bass-enhanced guitar drop at various moments during the song.

The first half of the record is spent almost entirely in the chugging / yelling / unmelodic technical metalcore department, but once we reach "Turn Towards The Sky", the band shows us their ambient side by referencing plenty of Misery Signals. These type of lingering, almost dreamy melodies are more prevalent on the second half of the album, which is incidentally also better than the first half because it sometimes comes across just as senseless pounding with little or no melody to accompany the expression. But songs like the aforementioned and "Where The Compass Doesn't Lead" (featuring Paul Green of The Arusha Accord) showcase a band with great understanding of the dynamics required to write flowing, technical, yet beautiful metalcore pieces that stick out from what is the norm in the genre. More of this, and Against The Flood will continue to climb in our ratings.


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For the fans of: Architects, Burials, While She Sleeps, Misery Signals
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Release date 14.11.2011
Siege Of Amida

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