You Won't Find Peace

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Powerwolves, who are not to be confused with German heavy metallers Powerwolf, hail from the same areas as Converge and Shipwreck, so you can expect a tightly wound, intense sound that unleashes itself on its listener with undeniable force. They play a brand of metallic hardcore that draws its inspiration from The Hope Conspiracy, Ringworm, and also Pulling Teeth's less experimental material, meaning that their debut album "You Won't Find Peace" is best described by words like ferocious, relentless, and uncompromising among others. To call it aggressive feels like using a term too mild to properly explain the kind of fury this Merrimack Valley bunch launches at its listener.

The majority of the songs are short, two minutes or less-type of hardcore punk songs that are as two-step friendly as they are ferocious by nature. It's hardcore of the more brutal sort, tightly crammed into a confined soundscape that's executed with high intensity and immediacy throughout the record. If anything, these songs showcase a dime-a-dozen hardcore band which you'll encounter every third or fourth band when you go looking for one.

But there are a couple of songs where Powerwolves break out of the generic hardcore formula. "My Eyes Open", for instance, slows the tempo down considerably, while adding a good amount of guitar melody in the process. The resulting soundscape is richer and more melodic, and therefore also the moment where the band are at their most interesting. When the songs are injected with more ambition than your basic stomp-friendly hardcore songwriting, and given a little more room to breathe, they flow more freely and naturally, which greatly benefits their repeat play value. This is absolutely what Powerwolves must explore further on their future releases if they are to distinguish themselves from the rest of the ferocious hardcore/punk bunch.

Download: My Eyes Are Open, Behind This Face, You Won't Find Peace
For the fans of: The Hope Conspiracy, Pulling Teeth, Ringworm
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Release date 09.08.2011
Panic Records

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