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Written by: TL on 03/01/2012 21:47:29

Right, moving on, here's another record that came out aaaaall the way back in the summer. It's an EP called "Joyride", by young Long Island trio Broadcaster who play bright, buzzy, traditional rock at beats that are probably the most chill beats anyone has ever called up-beat, yet somehow I feel like doing so anyway. Similarly, when I first listened to the EP, I got the idea in my head that the band sounded like a slower Social Distortion with American Michael Stipe on vocals. That's ridiculous however, as I soon realised doing just a little bit of research, and comparisons drawn elsewhere between Broadcaster and the likes of The Thermals and Superchunk are admittedly somewhat more accurate.

If you're not one for references, I guess it serves to say that "Joyride EP", while obviously not a big budget production, is still made up of four songs based on a fuzzy, nineties-style distortion, simplistic melodies, sharp, mid-range vocals and slightly conservative compositions. The sound is a rather typical for an underground trio, with a rumbling bass laying down base chords for songs, while the guitar supplies ringing melodies. You get the idea that Broadcaster have wanted to find themselves in line with their influences before going for anything drastic, and that much they have at least done in a solid and admirable fashion. The downside is that their stuff sounds a little heard before (although I suppose that could also be nostalgic), and that their songs are more in the category of "enjoyable" than in "memorable", with "Vacation Days" coming the closest to being an exception, via especially the guitar/bass interplay in the verse. It's a solid beginning, but it's still a little early to hype Broadcaster as more than - as they themselves put it on their facebook - "some dudes, playing tunes".

Download: Vacation Days
For The Fans Of: The Thermals, Superchunk

Release Date 05.07.2011

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