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Ocean EP

Written by: PP on 03/01/2012 05:29:12

UK hardcore tends to have a distinct sound. It's usually a claustrophobic one that sounds like it's about to implode into its own intensity at any given moment. But the region sports also bands who look across the pond for inspiration. One of these is History Of The Hawk from Stourbridge, whose debut EP "Ocean" experiments with two styles of hardcore from overseas.

The first one is dedicated to a raucous, Cancer Bats inspired balls-to-the-wall brand of hardcore punk. The vocals are grating harshly, and the soundscape is unforgiving as well: the band pounds at the listener at relentless waves of unmelodic hardcore, which, while energetic to some extent, is a little monotonous on the long run. The second style, on the other hand, brings in slower passages, as the band begins to experiment with a more melodic sound, here recalling 90s post-hardcore bands like Fugazi, Drive Like Jehu and others like them. It's slightly better strictly in terms of songwriting, but leaves much to be desired for with a low-fi production that doesn't highlight the melancholic croons well enough. And given how the longest song of the six-track EP runs by in just over two minutes, the EP doesn't leave much of an impression behind because of the pace and intensity it runs at. However, if the combo of Cancer Bats and Fugazi sounds appealing to you, check this out, even though you might be better off waiting for their future releases.


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For the fans of: Cancer Bats meets Fugazi
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Release date 17.10.2011
At The Deep End Records

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