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When a band who 'make it' have a previous album made during their formative years it can usually expect to be given a reissue to bring it to the attention of their new larger fanbase, so following the success of last year's "Hisingen Blues" it is no surprise Graveyard's self-titled debut from 2007 is now getting such treatment from Nuclear Blast. Fans of "Hisingen Blues" will be pleased to know the formula is very similar between the two - this is still all groovy retro-rock swagger from the Swedes with little nod given to musical trends since about, ooh, 1975 and the same appreciation of old Sabbath, Pentagram et al through the eyes of their brothers-in-arms, Witchcraft.

There is an increased bluesy-ness to this record than was seen on "Hisingen…" and a more relaxed approach from Graveyard to their songcraft, the result being a less direct and forthright album but still with a good deal of pub spirit about them. "Thin Line" and "Don't Take Us For Fools" are two where the 'stickiness' of Graveyard best stand out, a term by which I mean their casual swagger is immediately inviting and hard to ignore. This approach, as seen also on "Hisingen…", is less doomy than Witchcraft and a cousin of the garage-rock style of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The White Stripes, albeit considerably more backwards looking than such bands and one never likely to gain such widespread appeal.

The tracks which do not necessarily stand out so greatly, like "Submarine Blues" and "As the Years Pass By, the Hours Bend" are still confident compositions and allowed ample room to breathe thanks to the unclothed recording which is of great benefit to Graveyard's cause. "Hisingen Blues" has gone down as one of my personal favourites from 2011 as a blast of retro air sounding so unlike how recordings these days should be made; "Graveyard" is not up to that level but an enjoyable release nonetheless and a sign that the retro revival in Sweden was seeing a contender to Witchcraft's throne emerge.


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Rerelase date 19.08.2011 (originally 18.09.2007)
Nuclear Blast Records

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