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No Flow EP

Written by: PP on 31/12/2011 06:01:02

Silence The Feedback have been going about writing progressive hard rock, metal, hardcore and alternative rock since 2002 according to their own words. They haven't mustered much of a following just yet (only a couple of hundred plays on says it all), but given how their new EP "No Flow" is basically a display of good musicianship all-around, that number should start increasing in due time. You know what else "No Flow" is a display of? Basically a bunch of dudes who took Metallica's "Load" and "Reload" albums, fell in love with the balladic approach to writing metal-based hard rock, and decided to give the style a go. If this were an essay, you could use expressions like 'paraphrase' or 'explain it in your own words' to describe what Silence The Feedback have done for that sound.

As a result, there are moments which honestly had me wondering if they were flat-out stolen from some Metallica b-sides from that era. Their singer has a James Hetfield vibe going on with his vocals, where the melody is often near-identical to something Metallica could have used on one of those albums. Elsewhere, elements from your dime-a-dozen radio rock bands (think Smile Empty Soul, Breaking Benjamin, Seether, etc) are included to deviate from the Metallica-sound enough to push the obvious parallel to the background. Still, you can't exactly call it original, as " No Flow" has a constant nagging afterthought that you've heard this all before somewhere, and more often than not, you've heard it better.

But don't get me wrong. In strictly technical terms, everyone (including the vocalist) in this band are absolutely competent in their own area. So I hate to write a review carrying a negative tone because of that, but the problem is that Silence The Feedback haven't yet learned how to write truly interesting, grabbing songs. Right now you'll basically think ''s okay, but won't be coming back to this one'.


Download: Structures, Crash Course
For the fans of: Metallica's ballads, generic hard rock
Listen: Bandcamp

Release date 12.07.2011

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