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Written by: PP on 31/12/2011 05:39:10

Concrete Animals are a noisy alternative rock band from Florence, South Carolina, who have just released their debut album "Resonator". It features ex-members from the rock'n'roll outfit The Dirty White, who have been previously reviewed on this site, so it's only natural their new project hangs about in the same genre quarters. Only this time, they add in influence from noise rock and punk into the mix, though I'm confused as to whether that's intentional or not.

The reason for my confusion is simple. Before you get to properly judge the underlying music, you have th get past by a horrible, horrible production that leaves the vocals sounding way, way too quiet in comparison to the rest of the instruments. It sounds like the vocalist is standing a halfway across the room to the microphone, which is never a good thing even when going for a more experimental rock'n'roll expression as Concrete Animals. The album was apparently recorded in 24 hours, and, well, you can tell that it has been rushed through.

But beneath the lousy production, the band has a few catchy vocal hooks in "On The Marquee" and "Orange Lazarus" in particular, which could potentially turn some heads if (and only if) the production was better. But as it stands now, "Resonator" does not sound like a record you should spend your time on. Self-recorded or not, bad production is simply not an excuse in today's digital age. Goes under the category of 'bands too early in their career to record an album'.


Download: Orange Lazarus, On The Marquee
For the fans of: The Dirty White
Listen: Bandcamp

Release date 12.09.2011

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